What is BWG?

It is an application available for Web, Android and iOS environments.

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The application will allow you to carry out different types of transactions.


With the possibility of doing it in three different currencies, USD, EUR and CHF.

Convert between currencies

You can convert your money between USD, EUR and CHF currencies.

Send payments

Speed up your payments or send to your family or friends.

Future investment

Designates an amount to an investment fund with a term and accrues interest.

Better vision bonuses

Invest in Best Vision Bonds, acquire them and obtain profits every four months.

Operate in trading

Use our Forex trading platform and invest in different available pairs.

Our affiliated companies

We work hand in hand with different types of businesses, with the aim of offering agility when receiving payments or returning money, offering the best transaction rates.

The authorized merchant will appear in the application directory, left for consultation by our regular customers.

As a merchant you can offer a QR code that can facilitate your client's payment, scanning through the application, you will always have the money transfer module ready at your disposal.

Payment or beneficiary directory

Always have frequent payments available to you in the beneficiary directory, and pay with one click every time you need it.

You can pay family, friends and companies, as long as they maintain an account in the Best Wallet Global app.